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Nanny ASAP is your trusted source for knowledgeable, experienced and professional nannies who specialize in quality short-term childcare. Whether you’re seeking a Newborn Care Specialist, a Travel Nanny or a Temporary Nanny, you have come to the right place. These professional nannies have years of experience in their field of expertise, impeccable references, and will travel to you on a moment’s notice. Join the ever-growing number of families who have confidently entrusted the care of their children, time and again, to these exceptional nannies. You’ll be glad you did!

Newborn Care Specialist


Comprehensive care for newborns and their parents

Clelie Bourne - Nanny ASAP“…I feel incredibly blessed that we had not only a Newborn Care Specialist to help us start good habits from the beginning and train us to be better parents, but specifically we had Clelie who is now a wonderful friend…”   – Clients with sextuplets, Arizona

“I was amazed that a stranger could care for and love our children the way she did…We highly recommend Clelie as a Nanny, a caregiver, a support person, a wealth of knowledge, and most importantly someone who will love your child.”   – Clients with triplets, Lexington, KY

“Clelie helped our babies get on a regular routine & sleep schedule which has made all the difference in our lives!  Our babies are three of the happiest babies I have ever been around…”   –  Clients with triplets, Texarkana, TX

  • Newborns and multiples
  • 25+ years experience
  • Available day or night
  • Nursery organization
  • Parent education
  • National travel

Newborn Care Specialist


Website: BabyKeepers


Happy, healthy babies; rested, confident parents

Kim Dillon - Nanny ASAP“My wife and I recently welcomed our premature twins home from the hospital after being in the NICU for five weeks. Our children came home on heart monitors and fortunately for us, Kim’s experience and professionalism put our minds at ease and enabled us to get some much-needed rest. Her assistance gave us the time and energy to enjoy our babies. You will be very hard pressed to find someone who is as kind, professional, knowledgeable and helpful during the first month’s of your baby’s life as Kim.”   – Client with newborn twins, Atlanta, Georgia

 “As a new mother with extremely limited newborn experience, I valued Kim’s ability to be a patient well-trained teacher. It was evident that Kim had ample training in the past and strived to stay current on any modifications in the child care arena. I attribute largely to Kim the wonderful, healthy and secure experience that the first six-months of my children’s life has been for both them and my husband and I.”   – Client with newborn twins, Greenwich, Connecticut

  • Newborns, preemies and multiples
  • 20+ years experience
  • Available day or night
  • Parent education
  • 9 years in the medical field
  • National and International travel

Newborn Care Specialist / Temporary Nanny / Travel Nanny

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A positive influence on children of all ages

Janinne Gardner - Nanny ASAP“She stepped right into existing play groups that [our son] regularly attended, found her way around the neighborhood and joined the library! We highly recommend Janinne, and would have asked her to stay had we not already hired someone new-and had Janinne not already been committed to her new business helping families in a pinch–like ours!” – Client with an 18 month old  and a 3 year old, Potomac, MD

“We have known Jannine for three and a half years and have continually been amazed by her patience, dedication and supreme competence in all matters of child care… Our children look forward to our trips away, because they know they will have so much fun with Janinne.” – Client with 4 children infant, 5, 7, & 9,  McLean, VA

“We hired Janinne to help us get through and incredibly stressful period — moving from another state to the D.C. area, having a new baby, and starting a new job all within the same time period. Janinne has been sweet and caring, not only to our newborn, but to our three other children.” – Client with 4 children, newborn (nights) 4, 6, & 8, Vienna, VA

  • Services only available in the Washington, D.C. area
  • Credentialed newborn care specialist (0-3m)
  • Degree in Elementary Education
  • Temporary child care at your home
  • Travel with D.C. area families
  • 25+ years experience

Temporary Nanny / Travel Nanny


In step with the rhythm of your family’s life

Martha Wetzel - Nanny ASAP“Our son has had several caregivers in our home and he seemed the happiest he’s ever been with Martha. Both my mom and grandma came to adore Martha. After getting to know her, and seeing her interact with our son, they would like to see Martha here whenever we travel.”   – Client with 1 child, New Rochelle, NY

“As a single mother with five children at home, I hired Martha to care for my family while I was on a business trip to China. All the kids raved about her.”   – Client with 5 children, ages 4-15, Fort Collins, CO

“The nanny position here is for an extremely private, high security family and requires protocol, flexibility, cultural understanding, patience, ability to work with a large household staff, and a level of integrity well above and beyond what most families expect. Martha met these requirements with intelligence, grace, diligence, and awareness.”   – Client with pre-teen, Beverly Hills, CA

  • Short-term or Extended-term care
  • 30+ years childcare experience
  • Degrees in Elementary Education/Early Childhood Development
  • Infants-teens, special learning needs, tutoring
  • High profile families, executives, government officials, royalty
  • National and International travel
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